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Why Do We Review Online Canadian Casinos?

Thanks to the constant flow of the latest inventions and innovations, internet casinos are constantly advancing. Today, interested players have access to hundreds of gambling sites. Many note that online casinos regulations are relatively soft compared to many other web fields. The gambling industry is profit-oriented and self-regulating as a result of affiliate marketing. The current regulatory strategies lack the power to stop fraudulent online casinos that harm their customers financially.

That is why our site is so popular among gambling fans. We carefully check online casinos for all possible criteria. Then we structure the obtained results and present them in the form of a list of the best online casinos. And by clicking on the name of the casino, you will go to a detailed review.

We Check Casinos From Players View Point

To understand the user’s desires and needs, you need to put yourself in his place. That is why our specialists check online casinos in a very practical way. Namely – performing the same actions as an ordinary player. The purpose of this method is simple and clear. And it is to test the site in such a way as to find problems that the client may face.

Our employees register on the casino website and make a deposit. At the same time, they do it by all possible methods. In this way, we determine whether all the presented payment systems are working correctly. If one of the methods does not work or delays transfers, we reduce the site’s rating.

A good gambling provider should always be in touch with its players. Therefore, we check all ways to communicate with customer support. In addition, it is important for us to make sure that communication and correspondence are possible using both English and French. After all, both languages ​​are official in Canada. And of course, the customer service must work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Checking games and their functionalities are also included in our testing. Depending on the number of games, this stage can last for several days. From each category of games, we choose a few of the most popular and test each aspect. All games must load quickly and run smoothly for the casino to be highly rated.

The final and undoubtedly the most pleasant stage for each player is the moment of withdrawal of winnings. But at the same time, it is a moment when unpleasant surprises often arise. Therefore, our specialists in practice check how quickly you can withdraw the money won. And whether all available payment methods work correctly. If everything works properly, the casino receives a satisfactory rating.

We Check Casinos Professionally

In addition to basic tests, our specialists carry out much analytical work. It sometimes takes a few days, but the result is worth it. After all, in addition to the practical work of the site, we can assess the more global aspects. This check saves a lot of customer time and determines whether a particular online casino is trustworthy. We divide our analytical test into three sections: reputation, games, and bonuses.

Casino reputation testing is the most comprehensive and complex. During this stage, we check the reviews, look for reports on the resolutions of customer complaints. Secondly, we determine if the casino is licensed and permitted to operate in Canada. Thirdly, whether it has passed any independent certification for liability and RNG (random number generator). The most important thing is how they secure payments – top online casinos must use the highest standard encryption methods.

The next step in our analytical test is to study the available games. But, while we tested the functionality from the players’ viewpoint, our approach is different this time. We identify game developers and ensure that all submitted games have not been modified by third parties. This stage is quite tricky, but only after obtaining a satisfactory result can we advise using a particular casino in Canada.

We understand users’ desire to win, and it is possible in casinos with honest bonuses. Unfortunately, there are gambling websites on the Internet with fake bonuses. They look attractive at first glance but include different misleading points. Such offers are made so that it is impossible to convert the bonus into a win. All online casinos on our list have been tested by specialists and are safe to use.

Types Of Gambling Games

It is very easy for beginners to get lost in all the diversity of the online entertainment market today. Any new visitor to the gambling site can not help but notice the variety and wide selection provided by the casino administration. The product libraries of the best online casinos are a collection of hundreds of different types of games. Those are structured into different categories too. The main types of games are as follows:

  • Slot games are the most popular category in online casinos. This type of game is very simple and requires no additional practice;
  • Poker, unlike the previous one, is quite complex. It is a card game with lots of rules and combinations. The possibility of winning depends on both the player’s skills and luck;
  • Blackjack is another card game played with a live dealer in most cases. There are several free demos of the game on most sites to understand the rules and to practice;
  • Roulette became so popular with players from all over the world that it was one of the first to be transferred to online platforms. Victory and defeat depend solely on the luck of the player.

Safely Gambling Is Our Priority

Since the inception of our site, the main priority has been and remains the safe use of online casinos. Unfortunately, not all online casino operators enter the gambling market with honest intentions. Canada’s regulatory system has largely eradicated fraudulent casinos, and most local casinos operate within the law. 

However, there are always dishonest casinos to avoid. And honestly speaking, this problem gambling will continue to be faced for many years. That’s why our list of casinos does not include unlicensed casinos. Also, we don’t take into account gambling websites with a bad reputation, unreliable software, and more.

The player at registration indicates a significant amount of personal data to confirm identity. Unfortunately, this is indispensable. But if the licensed online casino is responsible for storing and protecting customer data. An unlicensed casino can easily sell customer information or use it for criminal purposes. Therefore, you will find only reliable and safe gambling providers on our site.

We also check slot game publishers. Unfortunately, you can come across unscrupulous platforms that use pirate slot games. The problem with such games is the meager chance of winning. At the same time, most users do not even suspect the miserable possibilities of a successful session. Our site carefully examines such aspects to protect players from harmful pirate products.

Another common method of fraud from which we protect our customers – false advertising and promotional conditions. At first glance, such fraudulence is not as dangerous as pirate slot games or software, but it is not. Hundreds of thousands of players lost money believing in false advertising and not understanding the promotion terms. For the most part, such promotions do not imply a customer victory at all. Therefore, to protect players, we do not include such sites in our list of top online websites.

Check By Yourself Casino Site

If you decide to check the results of our review, check the safeness of the site by yourself. To superficially test most online casinos, you do not need any special software. It is enough to have an average knowledge of English and some free time.

Ways to authenticate online casinos:

  • The easiest option is to find an icon with license info. Usually, such icons are located on the bottom panel of the site. It contains hyperlinks, which usually redirect users to a new window. Such page includes information on the licensee and the operator, as well as the license number;
  • Customer support. You can directly contact the live chat support, asking for license info. It is best not to believe words and ask for a link to the page with the license;
  • A large number of games providers. Since an illegal casino cannot afford games from most official developers, this option will help distinguish a pirate website from an official one. There should be at least ten providers, and there may be more than 30 on large gambling sites;
  • Ways of deposit and withdrawal of money. As a rule, gambling sites have more than one payment method. If the gaming portal has many ways to deposit and withdraw funds – this is probably a licensed online casino.

Also, it is recommended to open the section “Terms and Conditions.” It helps to learn basic rules and countries of operation. Fortunately, all casinos in our ranking operate in Canada completely legally.

Types Of Bonuses In Online Gambling

Bonuses are one of the best ways to reach a new audience. But different promotions may be available not only to beginners. Therefore, casino owners often arrange various incentives. Available bonuses are pretty diverse, so you need to study each in more detail. Consider that different promotions can be provided to both beginners and experienced gamblers.

Our team of experts checks the compliance with the conditions for receiving bonuses when creating a review. And also the size of bonuses, because the bigger the bonus, the higher the score the online casino will receive from us. We also check the variety of promotions, but this indicator is not crucial. Because the more diverse the proposals, the more complicated the conditions for obtaining them. Therefore, most gambling providers distinguish four main ones:

  • free spins;
  • deposit bonus;
  • no deposit;
  • cashback.

Deposit bonuses are available in almost every official casino. It is provided mainly to beginners, who can receive bonus money/spins of 100% or even 200% of the amount deposited into the system for the first deposits. But here, you need to keep in mind that the funds provided are only bonuses. To be transferred to the client’s real account, the conditions will need to be met. In our reviews, we look in detail at the various deposit bonuses.

The no deposit bonus is granted to all players who have fulfilled any conditions not related to the financial side. For example, by registering with a referral link. Such bonuses are not found in all casinos, as you do not need to deposit to receive the promotion.

Quite often, regular clients of a certain online casino use the opportunity to get a no deposit bonus. A regular player can ask for a no deposit bonus through customer support to continue playing after losing the deposit. Such compensation will not be provided to individuals if they do not have a significant turnover of funds in the account.

Free spins in the casino are an incentive to motivate players to be more active. Most often, FS replaces a cash bonus. Free spins are given to the user to play only a few specific slot games. In some cases, it may even be a single slot machine if the appropriate targeted promotion.

Free Spins are divided into no-deposit and deposit. You will not need to deposit funds to receive the first ones, but you will need to make a deposit to withdraw the winnings. Otherwise, it will not be possible to withdraw money, according to most gambling websites’ rules. A client can withdraw money only in the same way he/she used to deposit it in the system. Free spins may be liable for a wager, as they are issued in an amount that depends on the deposit amount.

Some casinos provide cashback, which means real money returned to the player. The amount depends on the amount lost on the spins for the period set by the casino. The percentage of return also depends on the conditions of the gambling establishment. Also, the amount of the return may vary depending on the player’s status.

The essence of providing cashback is similar to modern standards. Refunds can be found in banking, online stores, and so on. Everything works the same here. For example, a user receives a cashback of 15% from losses, which can be issued once a week. To receive a refund at the end of the week, the player must contact customer service with a request. Top Canadian casinos place a button to receive cashback directly in the personal account.

Mobile Version Is Mandatory For Canadian Casino

Almost all online casinos have mobile versions of their sites. Some work better, others worse, and few work so badly that the game session turns into torture. Our mission is to suggest online casinos Canada can be proud of. 

If you play using IOS or Android, you need to find online casinos that function perfectly with your mobile device. Our updated list highlights which casinos work best on your mobile so you can enjoy fast and smooth gaming. Such online casinos often release new applications and games. Our team of experts carefully studies all the info and finds the best games for your mobile devices.

Mobile casinos are changing the way you look at online gambling. They allow users to take games with them everywhere. And to play in a train, queue, during a break – anywhere and anytime. The mobile gambling market is constantly growing and evolving, and it is difficult to navigate this diversity, especially for new users. That is why our reviews and casino news are so useful.

First of all, we check whether the site is optimized for different screens of mobile devices. To do this, our specialists visit the casino sites using a variety of gadgets. This method may seem outdated at first glance, but sometimes site developers make silly mistakes. In other cases, the creators simply postpone mobile version development, which is a failure in modern times.

But even creating a mobile version of the site, you need to optimize the screen extension. And with this also, some providers have difficulties. Let’s say – it’s very inconvenient when you need to use a magnifying glass to read an inscription. Of course, we exaggerate, but a poorly optimized site for small pocket gadget screens will significantly reduce the website’s overall ranking.

Another drawback of many gambling sites is ad windows. Such things irritate users when they use PCs or laptops. But when a full-screen ad appears during a game on mobile, the user’s rage knows no bounds. Even frequent slots jackpots can’t save the reputation of “ad-infested” casinos.

To summarize all the above aspects, we can note the following observation. One of the standard features of all successful casinos is user-friendly design. Where all categories are compact, and the transition between different sections is fast and convenient. And in general, on the mobile version, all the information should be presented more concisely.


Our site has been operating in the gambling industry for more than twenty years. During this time, we checked and reviewed several hundred online casinos. And our specialists test sites on two different approaches. It is a test from a “user’s point of view” and a “professional point of view.” Both types of verification include several subcategories. And, upon completion, we are getting a list of the best casinos Canada can offer.

When writing a review, our specialists pay extra attention to some points. These include the safety of using online casinos, types of bonuses, and a mobile version quality. Such priorities are easy to explain – we care for our customers. After all, we want you to have the best online experience. And the attention to sites mobile versions is simple – the vast majority of today’s players use mobile gadgets.


Do I Need To Create A Profile On A Website?

Most sites offer new players demo versions of popular gambling games. They can be used free of charge and without registration. But if the user wants to win real money, registration is required. Creating your profile is also necessary to receive various bonuses. Also, registration is required to access all games and promotions of the online casino.

Can I Win Money In Reviewed Sites?

If you are an adult and registered on one of the sites we reviewed – you can win real money. Of course, for this, you will need a little luck on slot games or roulette. Or skills in card games. In addition, all casinos on our site offer a variety of bonuses that significantly increase the chances of success. Canada 2022 gambling year ended with a record jackpot wins, so we expect a continuous growth of players’ success.

Are Reviewed Casinos Safe To Use?

Checking the site’s security is not too difficult, but it can take a long time. The first step is always to check the license number and the existence of the institution issuing the license. This information is always at the bottom of the site. You should also read comments about the casino on different platforms. But the easiest way is to read our reviews on Canadian casinos’ online results.

How Can I Get Bonuses?

To receive bonuses on the reviewed sites, you must first follow the link in the list of casinos. After that, the user needs to register. Some gambling sites offer new users a no deposit bonus, which is a rarity nowadays. However, almost all casinos give players a bonus on their first deposit. It can be both additional funds and free spins.

Why Should I Trust Your Reviews?

Our site has been operating in the gambling industry for over twenty years. Our team has researched hundreds of different casinos during this time. We have a license, an impeccable reputation, and the legal right to operate in Canada. Our reviews are one of the most detailed and always objective. And we will help to find the best online casino specifically for you.

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