Kara Web Framework

Kara is an open source web framework for the JVM using the Kotlin programming language. It uses Kotlin's unique syntax to allow developers to write succinct, statically-typed HTML and CSS all in one language.

Static Typing

Kara uses the Kotlin language to provide a statically-typed yet productive development experience.

(M)VC Architecture

Kara provides a rich view/controller architecture to develop organized applications with proper separation of concerns.

HTML Templates

Kara uses a Kotlin DSL to render statically-typed HTML views. Markup is succinct and expressive, yet compiled to yield ideal safety and performance.


Kara uses a Kotlin DSL to render statically-typed stylesheets. They are just as powerful as SASS and LESS, but written in Kotlin to leverage the full safety of the language.


Kara is under active development, and contributors are welcome.

Open issues can be found at the project's YouTrack page.

Clone the project at GitHub to start making contributions.

There is a Google Groups forum where we discuss all things.